Winter Tires: What you need to know to keep your family safe on the road

December 17th, 2018 by

How winter tires help keep you safe on the road.

With the upcoming winter months, the roads around Klamath Falls can be icy and dangerous. It’s is important to get your winter tires put on early to make sure you and your family stay safe! Here’s the difference between all season or summer tires and winter tires, and why it’s important to make the change now.

With tires designed for summer or all seasons, the tread rubber can stiffen up during cold weather, leaving you less traction to take on those icy roads. With winter tires, the tread rubber is specifically designed to be more flexible, giving your tires more traction and gripping power. This provides you with greater traction keeping you safe when needed the most.

Not only do winter tires help to keep you safe on icy roads, but they also provide directional support in the snow or slush that can often throw your vehicle from side to side. Even when the roads are dry, winter tires still provide better traction when it is cold outside, because the rubber is designed to provide for better control of your vehicle in winter conditions.

If you have an AWD vehicle, winter tires can  help to maximize your vehicle’s performance in winter driving conditions. If you have already invested in an AWD vehicle, you can maximize your vehicle’s performance and safety by adding a set of winter tires.

The only way to increase the physical amount of traction between your vehicle and the road is through the tires, so although your vehicle might already be AWD, considering the addition of winter tires is always a smart choice. A good set of winter tires should last you between 2 and 4 seasons, or longer depending on your driving habits.

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