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If you’re like a lot of Klamath Falls drivers, you love to stay connected. There’s so many ways you can connect with HondaLink. Connect with your phone to find your parked car, remotely start your car, keep track of your service schedule, and monitor your fuel level, oil life, and mileage. That’s just some of the things the HondaLink app can do. What is HondaLink, exactly? Let’s take a closer look. We’ll even talk about what to do if you have trouble with your HondaLink not connecting. 

What is HondaLink Used For?

What is HondaLink? You can, with Hondalink, connect your new Honda to your smartphone to open up a ton of possibilities beyond navigation and listening to music. There are so many uses for the HondaLink app, you may wonder how you ever made it through your Medford commute without it. What is HondaLink good for? Here are just some things you can do:

  • Access your owner’s manual and guide digitally
  • Schedule your service appointments
  • Get recall notifications
  • Call for roadside assistance
  • Monitor your mileage, fuel level, and oil life
  • Get notifications of warning lights
  • Get reminded when it’s time to schedule maintenance
  • Beam nav directions directly to your vehicle
  • Get Amazon in-car delivery with Key
  • Remotely start your car
  • Find where you parked your car (a favorite with Grants Pass drivers)
  • Remotely lock and unlock your car
  • Be immediately notified if your car enters or leaves a designated area
  • Get a “Personal Concierge” to help you with booking hotel and restaurant reservations

How to Set Up the HondaLink App

Follow these instructions to set up your HondaLink app:

  • Install the HondaLink app on your smartphone.
  • Enter your car’s VIN.
  • Create a new account or login with your Honda ID.
  • Follow prompts to pair the app with your vehicle and watch HondaLink connect your car and phone.
  • Tap the HondaLink icon on the home screen of your car’s infotainment touchscreen.

Trouble with Your HondaLink Not Connecting

No technology will work perfectly all the time. If you have problems with your HondaLink not connecting, do the following:

  • Uninstall the HondaLink app
  • Close any open apps on your phone
  • Reboot your smartphone
  • Re-install, then open the HondaLink app

Check Out Cars with the HondaLink App at Klamath Falls Honda

Did you know that all new Honda models feature HondaLink at no additional charge? Come check out this app for yourself at Klamath Falls Honda. And, while you’re at it, check out our new vehicle specials. We’re conveniently located near Ashland, so drop by or contact us today!

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