Windshield Raincoat: Protect your Vision

December 3rd, 2018 by

Windshield Raincoat: Why is it important?

Get a Crystal Clear View

We all know winter driving can be hazardous, especially in Oregon. The application of a windshield raincoat will help you see clearly and protect you from the elements, as water will form hydrophobic beads and run-off with ease.

Rainproofing your windshield will protect your vision and give you a clear view of the road ahead. A high quality and properly applied windshield raincoat is resistant to wiper wear and can help with ice buildup and bugs too. Our formula is designed to last 6 months, so you won’t need another application until right before bug season arrives.

It is also important to check your wiper blades for wear regularly, and change them as needed throughout the year. Proper attention to the regular maintenance of your wipers and windshield will help keep you safe and seeing clearing on the road.

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