What You Should Know About Honda Tire Maintenance in Klamath Falls OR

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During summer road trip season, people all across the country travel for a relaxing vacation, to visit family and friends, just to enjoy their time off. For any Honda owner planning on taking a vacation or going on a road trip this summer, we can’t stress enough the importance of investing in Honda tire maintenance in Klamath Falls OR before hitting the road. The good news is, our team can help and provide drivers with some tips to help ensure their tires are always in road trip ready condition.

Honda Tire Maintenance in Klamath Falls OR

It’s important to invest in Honda tire maintenance in Klamath Falls OR before hitting the road!

Remember, Heat is the Enemy

If tires are underinflated, pushed at higher speeds, or overloaded, they can overheat. Combine this with the hot summer temperatures and the sizzling asphalt roads, and there is a chance a tire is not only going to overheat, but possibly blow out.

To avoid this, we recommend proper Honda tire maintenance in Klamath Falls OR. This involves ensuring the tire is properly inflated. It is estimated that only 19 percent of drivers on the road have their tires properly inflated.

By scheduling a pre-trip inspection for you Honda tires in Klamath Falls OR, you can help avoid these negative consequences. When traveling, you should also be sure to check the tire pressure after being parked for three hours or more.


Avoid Overloading the Tires

In many cases, drivers judge their vehicle’s cargo capabilities by testing how much they can fit inside, though this is not the recommended approach. If too much cargo is loaded inside the vehicle, it can result in overloading of the vehicle and the tires. It is always a good idea to look at the tire information placard to see how much weight the tires can safely move. Remember, this includes passengers and cargo.

Many drivers are surprised to learn what their vehicle’s actual cargo capacity is. If you are not sure how to find this information, the Honda product experts at our Honda dealership in Klamath Falls OR are happy to help!


Always Check the Condition of the Spare Tires

This is a tire that is often overlooked. However, it is essential to check the spare tire each time the inflation on the other tires is checked. Ideally, this should be done once a month and before any long-distance trips.

While some newer models don’t carry a spare, others have run-flat tires, so these are exceptions to this rule. Many new cars are also outfitted with sealant or tire-inflation kits that can be used for temporarily fixing a damaged tire. If you are unsure what kind of tires you have, check your tire manual or visit us at Klamath Falls Honda for help.


Schedule Maintenance to Prevent Serious Tire Issues

The absolute best thing a driver can do is to schedule Honda tire maintenance in Klamath Falls OR with our team before heading out for a long trip. It is a good idea to schedule this maintenance at least once a year, as this is going to help prevent any serious problem or issue with the tires before they arise.

Our team can help ensure your tires are in good, travel-safe condition. Contact our team at Klamath Falls Honda to schedule your pre-vacation tire inspection today!

Klamath Falls Honda Tire Maintenance

Klamath Falls Honda Tire Maintenance

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