Klamath Falls Honda wants you to FILL A FIT!

April 25th, 2018 by

Article written by Cassedy Biri


From May 1st to June 1st, Klamath Falls Honda will be partnering classrooms at Conger and Shasta Elementary to fill a Honda Fit with non-perishable food items for Klamath-Lake County Food Bank in honor of Team Honda Week of Service.


This is the 5th year Klamath Falls Honda will be partnering with local classrooms and this year we’ll be competing against our neighbors at Klamath Falls Subaru for sme friendly competition! The classrooms of Mrs. Bird at Conger and Mrs. Morosin at Shasta will competing against each other, racing to fill a Honda Fit and Subaru with as many food items as possible before June 1.


The Klamath Falls City School District, and now Klamath County Schools, participate in Klamath Falls City Schools Annual Give Back Day on May 17th. Give Back Day began in 2014 as a way to show the community how much students care. In total, students and staff have contributed 17,000 hours of community service. And 12,000 students have learned the value of giving back to their community.


Did you know that when school is out for summer many children rely on support from the Food Bank to feed their family? Thankfully, our Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank helps over 8,000 local kids, and you can too.


We Need Kid-Friendly Food Items:  

Peanut Butter





Canned Fruit



Mac n’ Cheese


Fruit Snacks

Granola Bars


Drop-Off Locations

Conger Elementary at 1700 California AveOr . Shasta Elementary at 1951 Madison Ave.

Klamath Falls Honda (in the Service Department) at 2810 Washburn Way


We’re hoping that the friendly competition will inspire more donations and beat last year’s contribution. We have had tremendous community support. With your help this year, we can teach another class of students that they have a voice, their actions matter, and they can make a difference in our world today.


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