Honda has Patented an 11-Speed Transmission

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Malin and Keno drivers understand that Honda has always led the way when it comes to new automotive technologies. For proof, just look to the front-line driver-assistance technologies of the Honda Sensing Suite, or the current Accord Hybrid, with exceptional performance and efficiency figures thanks to an innovative new Hybrid Drive system. That reputation for innovation is about to be extended further: Honda has just patented an 11-speed transmission system.

Why Make an 11-Speed Transmission?

Any Malin and Keno drivers with more than a few years of driving under their belts could be a little flummoxed by the idea of an 11-speed transmission. After all, transmissions have remained fairly static in their designs for decades — you’d either choose a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual.

But nothing stands still forever, and automakers found themselves needing to improve efficiency ratings without dropping power. The more gears, or “speeds,” a transmission has, the more efficiently it can run since each gear can be more specialized. A vehicle cruising in 11th gear will be more efficient than one in 5th with 5th as its highest gear.

The problem has always been that adding more gears used to mean adding more weight, but manufacturers such as Honda have advanced automotive technologies to mitigate that problem, which is why an 11-speed transmission isn’t quite as crazy as it might sound.

The Honda 11-Speed Transmission

The patents for Honda’s 11-speed transmission were actually filed in December of 2014, but the filing only recently became public. Luckily enough, it has also given us an idea of what to expect.

According to insider sources, the 11-speed transmission will use three clutches instead of the normal two, with the third reducing any drop in torque that occurs when shifting with a traditional dual-clutch model. That’s some exciting news — it would be mean making shifts feel virtually seamless while improving fuel economy.

Of course, we still don’t know where the 11-speed transmission might first appear. As an efficiency-improving measure, it could fit into an economical model like the Fit or be placed into something larger like the Pilot — we’ll have to wait and see, though!

Learn More About Honda Innovations at Klamath Falls Honda

The introduction of an 11-speed transmission would be just one more example of the way in which Honda is able to set new standards across the automotive industry. To find out more, just contact Klamath Falls Honda today.

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