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Why You Should Choose Klamath Falls Honda

There is a plethora of reasons why you should choose Klamath Falls Honda. We work where we live, and we are dedicated to supporting programs and events in our community. Delivering simple, honest and awesome customer service for new Honda sales, used vehicles, finance and service is our pledge to everyone who walks through our doors.

Klamath Falls Honda’s goal is for our customers to feel comfortable and welcome, just like family. Our product specialists are available to assist you in determining which vehicle best fits your lifestyle needs and the finance specialists are eager to prepare the ideal…

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Honda Sensing vs Toyota SafetySense near Medford OR: Which is the Safer Option?

Honda Sensing is standard on many Honda models and is now available on more Honda vehicles than ever before. Honda analyzes real life situations to develop new and improved safety technologies which will benefit all drivers on the road. Honda’s motivation is to keep your loved ones safe, whether they are a driver or even a passenger in another make.

Toyota Safety Sense is a safety system included in many Toyota models at no additional cost. Toyota is focused on the prevention of crashes which ultimately results in the protection of drivers and their passengers. If you are interested…

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Preparing Your Car for Winter in OR

Winter Maintenance 

1) Battery power decreases as the temperature drops. Test your battery’s power to make sure the power level is sufficient. Replacement maybe necessary depending on the age of your battery. Nobody experiences a battery failure at a convenient time.
2) All components of your cooling system should be inspected by a professional. They may need to be flushed out or refilled to proper levels. Is your antifreeze mixed at the proper ratio…
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What You Should Know Before Visiting a Dealership in Klamath Falls, OR


Buying a car is far from a walk in the park if you visit the wrong dealership. A poor dealership experience will make the process much more stressful than it needs to be. Before choosing your dealership, you should consider a few important points. To save you some time, our team at Klamath Falls Honda created a list of what you should know before visiting a dealership in Klamath Falls OR. 

1. Consider Your Budget…
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Honda Towing Capacity vs Toyota towing capacity: How Do We Compare?


There are several things that should be considered before you purchase a vehicle. First, you should be aware how much your towing capacity is available. Second, you should to determine the manufacturer’s maximum towing capacity. Towing capacity is the maximum allowable weight a vehicle can tow. This capacity is specified in the vehicle’s manual. Honda vs Toyota towing capacity near northern CA are notable examples of vehicle manufacturers with excellent towing capacity. Below…
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