Preparing Your Car for Winter in OR

Preparing Your Car for Winter in OR

Winter driving can be brutal!  It presents many challenges, especially if your vehicle is not prepared for the cold weather. Poor visibility and slick roads increase the chance of accidents. However, preparing your car for winter near Medford OR can make it a little easier. Schedule a winter maintenance appointment and check your tires to make sure you are equipped for your winter encounters. 


Winter Maintenance 

1) Battery power decreases as the temperature drops. Test your battery’s power to make sure the power level is sufficient. Replacement maybe necessary depending on the age of your battery. Nobody experiences a battery failure at a convenient time.
2) All components of your cooling system should be inspected by a professional. They may need to be flushed out or refilled to proper levels. Is your antifreeze mixed at the proper ratio to avoid freezing? We can check it for you!
3) Test your windshield and rear wiper blades to ensure they are working properly. Fill your windshield wiper reservoirs with winter-grade fluid rated for at least 30? to avoid freezing.
4) Debris can prevent external sensors and cameras from working properly. Cleaning new snow and old dirt that has built up over the year will allow the assistive driving features to work efficiently.

Summer Tires

Summer tires have softer rubber, shallow treads, and fewer channels, which maximizes contact with the road. Therefore, shaking is limited on hard turns. Summer tires have fewer channels to squeeze out rain and snow, resulting in less traction. The rubber becomes hard in cold temperatures as well. These tires are used on sports cars, produce more noise, wear out more quickly, and need to be replaced in spring and fall. 

Winter Tires

Winter tires are also referred to as snow tires. Winter tires are designed for cold temperatures, not just for snow. Drivers will notice an increase in the amount of control on snow, icy, or wet surfaces due to slits called sipes. Sipes are small grooves cut across the larger treads. This tread design delivers improved acceleration, deceleration, and stopping. As the tire comes in contact with the pavement, the sipes expand and draw in the water or snow. This creates a secure contact between the tire and the pavement. Therefore, resulting in improved traction and less sliding. Whether you are preparing for a hiking adventure or preparing your car for winter near Medford OR, stop by for your winter maintenance and tire check. Winter tires are to Honda as Oboze hiking shoes are to Roxy Ann Peak.

All Seasons Tires

The most common tire in the United States is the “All Seasons Tire.” They last relatively long and are low noise tires. All seasons tires do not grip warm asphalt as well as a summer tires and do not grip the snow or direct the water as well as the snow tire, however, they can be driven year-round in certain climates without the hassle of changing them. 

Get Siping through the snow!

We all have busy schedules; let Klamath Falls Honda cross this task off your list. Stop by our Honda dealership and we will begin preparing your car for Winter near Medford OR. Our service department will complete your car maintenance list and take care your winter tires for safe driving this season. Let us prepare your vehicle, from the automatic braking system to the windshield wiper reservoir! 

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