Pack-a-Pilot in Klamath Falls OR Helps Stock the Food Bank

Each year our Honda dealership in Klamath Falls OR hosts a food drive that encourages participation from the entire community and benefits one of our local food banks. Instead of collecting donations in boxes, the dealership chooses a Honda vehicle to pack with donations. The Honda Pilot was chosen for the 6th annual event, known this year as the Klamath Falls Pack-a-Pilot event.

Klamath Falls Honda Pack-a-Pilot


How It Works

Community members and schools help the dealership collect enough kid-friendly and non-perishable food items to fill a Honda vehicle. At the end of May, the food is donated to a local food bank. This year the Klamath Falls Pack-a-Pilot event benefits the Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank. The director of the food bank indicates that over eight-thousand families across the area rely on the food bank for meals.

This year, Klamath Falls Honda will be competing with Klamath Falls Subaru to collect the most donations for the food bank. Sales manager, Matt Meyer, says the teams at each dealership, “are excited to compete against each other this year for the benefit of our community…We are looking forward to a little friendly competition this year.”

Ongoing Support

Some local participants get involved with the event year after year. One example is a teacher at Conger Elementary, Kasey Bird, who inspired her students and fellow teachers to get involved three years ago. Students at Conger Elementary and Shasta Elementary collect donations each year for the food drive.

The event is used as an educational tool for the students as well. May 17th marked the school district’s Give Back Day. On this day, the students took a field trip to the Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank to get a first-hand look at where their donations go and how it helps their community.

Klamath Falls Honda Pack-a-Pilot

Klamath Falls Honda Pack-a-Pilot


The Klamath Falls Pack-a-Pilot event runs throughout the month of May, with the total contribution being announced on June 4th. Donations to food banks tend to diminish in the summer months due to vacations and the closing of schools. This event helps ensure the food bank will be well-stocked to meet the needs of children who rely on these meals while school is not in session.

Community Service

Klamath Falls Honda has also been involved for years with community service and giving back to several local groups such as the Klamath Falls Animal Shelter and Relay for Life. Additionally, the Klamath Falls Honda sales team will volunteer with the Salvation Army on June 15th for Produce Day at the Klamath-Lake County Food Bank.

Week of Service

In addition to hosting the food drive, all Klamath Falls Honda employees will prepare for the Team Honda Week of Service by helping to sort and organize the donations at the food bank. Stay tuned for more information on the Team Honda Week of Service, beginning in June.

How You Can Help

This annual food drive has resulted in increased donations each year and we hope to continue the trend this year by exceeding the $4000 pounds of food that was donated in 2018. If you are interested in helping the cause, donations can be dropped off at Klamath Falls Honda, Klamath Falls Subaru, Shasta Elementary, or Conger Elementary.